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Food fasting, yes, but Quesaco cosmetic fasting?

We all know about fasting when it comes to food and I do it regularly, even if I’m a long way from being a master yogi. On the other hand we know less about cosmetic fasting. This is something I do too, for 2 nights a week, when I shower, I only use the Milky Hydro-biotic (gentle cleanser) that’s it! Clean, fresh and completely natural skin.... Occasionally I’ll do a “cosmetic fast” for 24 hours, often over a weekend, using just one cream or nothing at all!


I'm fasting too!

But what virtue can be given to a cosmetic fast?

Science has not yet pronounced itself on the subject. But from a biological point of view we can already advance that the alternation "care/no care" could maintain a certain autonomy of the skin in the conservation of its antioxidant & nutritive defenses.

An urban legend claims that skin becomes lazy with the excess use of beauty products... What is certain is that if you use skin care products with powerful synthetic preservatives (which is not the case at Novexpert) your skin’s bacteria will appreciate the break!

From a psychological point of view, perhaps it’s the beginning of a certain freedom. Free yourself from a beauty routine that has never been put into question. Take a fresh look at the health and beauty of your skin from a new angle : What does my skin REALLY need?

I’ll leave you to think about what cosmetics remain essential to you. In the meantime, even if we don’t know when the second round of the local elections will take place I vote: Yes to a cosmetic fast in order to stay young Y!