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This is my first blog and I’m completely in the dark.

It’s here, Novexpert has its blog! I’ll be frank I’m not totally at ease at the prospect of writing about my own experiences, thoughts and of course my doubts….

Why the surfing photos?

Well, you’ll discover more in my 2nd second blog but as a taster: great (success) stories often come about by chance and surfing played an essential role in the creation of Novexpert….


My 1st promise: You don’t have the time but we do….

...because it's our passion: we study thousands of scientific publications, on biology, genetics, and health even if they don’t refer specifically to the skin.. The library at our research centre is filled with books whose authors are not only doctors and researches but also naturopaths, and psychologists. These books are invaluable for the development of our products. They also provide us with ideas that we can adopt in our daily lives. A subject we can freely share with you for your benefit.



My second promise: hot or cold!

Firstly I am going to try to avoid platitudes. and secondly I’m driven by my convictions. They help me to choose between established scientific facts that sometimes contradict themselves:

  • Should I eat fish which is proven to be good for ones health yet is often contaminated by harmful substances?
  • Should I take daily vitamins because we often suffer from a deficiency when studies seem to suggest that to do so could be dangerous…?
  • Should I slap on layers of cosmetics following the Korean example, or should I keep my skin completely bare of all cosmetics?

Welcome then to the anachronism Novexpert!

If you have read this first blog to the end I think that you deserve the title of “anachronicus honoris causa” a highly coveted title which suggests an abnormal capacity of concentration given you have read this longggggggg rambling blog.



Coming next

The 2nd and 3rd blogs will concentrate on the origins of Novexpert. What more can I promise other than to tell you a story, our story, which I hope will interest you beyond just your skin’s health.




        Proverb of the day (which completely corresponds to our goal for Novexpert)

        They have the watch but we have the time. (African/Tuareg proverb often cited in Asia)


        My musical tip

        A track seldom aired on the radio. A warning to melancholy souls, its pure nostalgia in chords… Rapture – Laura Veirs

        Rapture - Laura Veirs