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Would you like to join Novexpert and be part of the adventure? 

Novexpert has 2 founding principles that unite our company: 

The Meaning:

We know why we spend so many hours in the office, in the lab... Because we simply believe in what we do. 100% natural origin, avoiding this or that ingredient, obtaining the most demanding certifications and deciding on formulas without marketing and financial constraints is more than just an opportunity: it is a duty.



Our DNA is the quest for excellence: demanding but exciting. Being consistent between our objective and our values is both the means and the goal of Novexpert. To maintain this course, everyone is involved or consulted. Decisions are made on the budget, recruitment, benefit sharing, research orientations... and even product prices!

At Novexpert, there is no "novlangue", no "pseudo cool" society that sometimes hides a very different reality. No investment funds that love the "Green". OK, profit is a necessity but not an end in itself.

As you have understood, we prefer a family and warm atmosphere a little sheltered from the "business" that sometimes seems unnecessarily aggressive to us. A place where your word counts as much as others and duty as rights.

If you agree with what we have just described to you, you are welcome to experience the Novexpert adventure with us...



There are no vacancies at the moment.


- Export Sales Assistant Internship - 6 months See the ad


If you wish to send an unsolicited application or respond to an offer, please send your CV and cover letter to: